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Bible Classes: 9:30 AM
Sunday AM Assembly: 10:30 AM
Sunday PM Assembly: 5:00 PM
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Scripture is profitable
2 Timothy 3:16-17

Whitehouse Church of Christ

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

From here you can enter into various indept studies of His word,  These are not just studies of books, but in-depth studies.  Who was Nehemia and what made him a great leader.  What challenges people had and why things happened the way they did.  Why are the last few versus in Mark missing in some translations?  Studies here will be growing over time.  If you have a question, email the elders here at the Whitehouse Church of Christ at 

How To Study And Interpret Scripture

Ministry and Mission of Angels Power For Living
Christ and Culture
Study in 1 John
Series of studies on Salvation Courtship
 Hallmarks of the Church
Life By the Numbers
One Another Series
Little Foxes
The Book of Esther
Role of Women In the Church
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Through The Scriptures




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