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Bible Classes: 9:30 AM
Sunday AM Assembly: 10:30 AM
Sunday PM Assembly: 5:00 PM
Wed Assembly/Bible Classes: 7:00 PM


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Spring Bible Class Schedule

Background on: "Let Us Rise Up And Build"

Doug Yates

One of the hardest jobs an education minister has is in finding qualified workers to teach during any given quarter. I’m happy to report that time after time here at Whitehouse we have succeeded in finding qualified teachers. We have the greatest teachers who take their job very seriously and constantly make themselves available to this ministry. Teachers, thank you so much for your labor of love. I want to let the entire congregation know about our upcoming spring quarter and who our teachers will be for the quarter.
Here’s the list: 

Nursery Class: Birth-24 months
Sunday Morning: Donna Wright ~Palma Smiley Material
Wednesday Evening: Julienne Stewart ~Palma Smiley Material

Two’s through Three’s
Sunday Morning: Amanda Smith ~Immerse Material
Wednesday Evening: E. DuPree/S. Parrish/A. Tiemann ~Life Links Material

Four’s through Kindergarten
Sunday Morning: Carol Wilkinson ~Immerse Material
Wednesday Evening: Patti Tiemann ~Life Links Material

First through Third Grade
Sunday Morning: Melissa Parrish/Mary Lockhart ~O.T. and N.T. Survey Material
Wednesday Evening: Barbara Berdan ~O.T. and N.T. Survey Material

Fourth through Sixth Grade
Sunday Morning: Kim DuPree ~O.T. and N.T. Survey Material
Wednesday Evening: Cassie King ~Apologetics Press Material

Seventh through Twelfth Grade
Sunday Morning: Seth Huddleston ~Study of the Book of Luke
Wednesday Evening: Combined with College ~Doctrinal Issues and Questions

College Class
Sunday Morning: Chris Detkos ~Doctrinal Issues and Questions
Wednesday Evening: Jason Smith ~Study of Book of James and I and II Peter

Professionals Class
Sunday Morning Only: Todd Hancock ~Living By Faith

Auditorium Class
Sunday Morning: Brody Clark ~II Thessalonians



Our Mission: Reaching Up. Reaching Out. Reaching Across.