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2 Timothy 3:16-17

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The Blue Ringed Octopus

Jay LockhartBackground on: "Let Us Rise Up And Build"

     The Blue Ringed Octopus is found off the coasts of Australia.  This slimy, slithering creature produces enough venom to completely paralyze its victim. When human beings are bitten, they cannot move, speak, or even breathe. That’s how most victims die, unable to tell those around them that they are suffocating.  According to the American Family Association Journal, most victims do not know they have been bitten until it is too late.  One reporter explained, “You hear the doctor pronounce you’re dead and there is nothing you can do to tell them you’re still alive.”  While there is no anti-venom, if the victim is placed on a ventilator and receives ongoing respiratory treatment, he can survive long enough for the paralysis to subside.  I am convinced, that some in the church suffer from spiritual paralysis.  The life is being squeezed out of them and they do not know it until it is too late.  They attend worship, but do not worship.  They sing songs like, “All to Jesus I surrender,” but they do not surrender.  They thank the Lord for the privilege of assembly, but often miss for no good reason.  They give, but less than a family dinner would cost at a local restaurant.  They may say, “Good sermon”, but not take it to heart and seek to live it in their lives.  They eat the bread and drink the cup, but do not think of the great sacrifice Christ made for our sins.  They come in and go out on some Sundays, but feel no compulsion to greet or welcome anyone.  To save their spiritual lives, they need a ventilator of renewed zeal, action, and commitment.  How can these folks be motivated to do what is right? I don’t know, but it seems that the forgiveness of sins which is made possible because God loves us and Jesus died for us, the providence of God that is at work in the lives of Christians to bring about good out of every circumstance that life throws at us, and the prospects of heaven for the faithful should be motivation enough to seek the face of God in our worship and in our lives. Spiritual paralysis is fatal and, if we have been bitten by the Blue Ringed Octopus of unconcern, we should look to the ventilation of God’s word for the renewal that only God can give.

and thats the Inside Edition

  Jay Lockhart

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