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I Need To Know Where I Am Going

Jay LockhartBackground on: "Let Us Rise Up And Build"

     Albert Einstein, the German-born physicist, was riding a train one day and the conductor came through the cars punching the passenger’s tickets.  When he came to Einstein, the famous physicist could not find his ticket.  He looked through every pocket in his suit and didn’t find it.  Finally, the conductor said, “Dr. Einstein, don’t worry about it.  I know you bought a ticket, so forget it.”  Einstein wasn’t satisfied, so he began looking through his briefcase, but to no avail.  While he was searching, the conductor said again, “Dr. Einstein, it’s okay, don’t fret over the lost ticket.”  As the conductor moved on to the next car, he looked back and there was Einstein down on his knees, searching under the seat for that ticket.  The conductor returned and said, “Dr. Einstein, don’t bother with that ticket anymore. I know you, and it’s alright.”  To which Einstein answered, “I need to find that ticket. I know who I am, where I am, but I need that ticket to find out where I am going!” 

     Here are some questions to ponder:  Do you know who you are, where you are, and where you are going?

  1. As Christians we know who we are. We are made in the image of God with the ability to think, reason, and make choices.  God made us to be loved by Him and to love Him back.  And when we failed, God already had a plan in mind to redeem us through the sacrifice of Jesus.  We are the children of God!
  2. As Christians we know where we are.  We are in Christ where forgiveness is found.  When we were baptized into Christ we were where we ought to be.  When we attend the worship of the church, we are where we ought to be.   When we are engaged in service to God and others, we are where we ought to be. That’s where we are!
  3. As Christians we know where we are going.  In the words of the old song: “I’m on my way to that fair land, where the soul of man never dies.”  Because of the grace, mercy, and love of God we can go to heaven.  And, we have accepted God’s offer by responding in obedience to the gospel. That’s where we are going!

     We know who we are, where we are, and where we are going!

and thats the Inside Edition
  Jay Lockhart

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