Fall 2022: Class Schedule

A Note From The Education Minister

The mission of the Whitehouse Church of Christ education ministry is to edify the believer and evangelize the lost through a systematic study of God’s Word.  We also want to encourage all classes to participate in both fellowship and benevolent opportunities as they present themselves to each class.  Your attendance and participation is deeply appreciated and desired.

Douglas L. Yates

Sunday Morning/Wednesday Evening

Cradle Roll:   Coordinator:  Gail Bennett/Geneva Kent (Sunday/Wednesday) Coordinator .  This class meets in the nursery (room 139).  It is for ages: Infant through 24 months.  They study from the Palma Smiley curriculum.

Toddler Class : 2’s and 3’s  Teacher: Pat Harrington (Sunday) will teach this class which meets in room 135 and it is geared for those who are 2 years old-3 years old.  During the fall quarter the material will be from: 21st Century Christian (Immerse curriculum). Laresa Hays/Cassie King will be the teacher on Wednesday and teaching from: 21st Century Christian (Life Links curriculum).

Preschool Class: 4’s -Kindergarten This class will meet in room 133 and Damon and Nita Elkins will be teaching it on Sunday morning while Judy Yates will teach it on Wednesday evenings.  On Sunday morning the material will be Immerse by 21st Century Christian and on Wednesday evenings the material will be LifeLinks by 21st Century Christian.

Elementary Class : 1st Grade through 3rd grade:  This class is taught on Sunday morning by  Melissa Parrish.  The curriculum is a compilation of materials put together by  Kim DuPree and Melissa Parrish. They meet in room 220. During the fall months, Sydney Parrish will be teaching the 1st through 3rd grade in room 220 on Wednesdays.

Elementary Class: 4th Grade through 5th grade:  This class will be taught on Sunday morning by  Kim DuPree.  The curriculum is a compilation of materials put together by  Kim DuPree/ Melissa Parrish.  This class meets in room 221. During the fall months, Seth Huddleston will be teaching this group in room 221 or in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday evenings.

Junior High/HighSchool (6th-12th Grades) This class will meet in room 215. Doug Yates will be the teacher on Sunday mornings and he will use the Book of James as his text. On Wednesday evenings, Chris Detkos will be teaching a “Survey” class.

Sunday Morning /Wednesday Evening Auditorium Class: On Sunday mornings Nathan Adams will be the teacher of this classes. He will be continuing his study from the Book of Acts. During the fall quarter (on Wednesday evenings) Nathans subject matter will be taken from the Book of Revelation.

Marriage Enrichment Class: Chirs Detkos will teach a marriage enrichment class starting on Sept. 4th and it will run throughout the fall quarter. Please sign up at the west entrance to the building if you wish to take this class. Due to this class the Young Adult class will not meet during the fall quarter.

Fall Schedule

We had a wonderful summer here at church. Several activities were engaged in from our annual Camp Friendship, to our annual Summer Youth Series, as well as our annual Summer Series on Wednesday evening. Thank you for your participation in all of the events that we held.

Now it is time for the fall quarter and all the activities we have planned. First, let’s remember all of our regularly scheduled classes that take place on Sunday morning and on Wednesday evenings. Please attend all of these gatherings. Second, remember that we will be starting back our Adventures For Christ class that meets in the former Bible Hour room upstairs on Sunday evenings. This class is for those in first grade through 5th grade. Kim DuPree and Melissa Parrish coordinate this class. Please attend this wonderful Sunday evening class as we explore wonderful stories from God’s Word.

Third, let’s also remember that on November 5th we will have our Fall Festival where we will have a host of activities and classes taught on that day. Fourth, all of this will lead us to our annual Friends And Family Day that will take place the very next day on November 6th. Hope to see everyone there and participating with us.